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The ANZ Tennis Hot Shots program welcomes all children aged between three and 12.


Large, 25% compression balls.

Puts the FUN into FUNdamentals. Introduction to tennis strokes and concepts. Builds motor skills, hand/eye coordination, striking, tracking and locomotion.

Uses net tape to allow players to hit over and under the net to facilitate rallying.

RED Stage

Larger, 25% compression balls that are slow and easy to strike and bounce at the perfect height for 5-7yrs. Smaller courts that allow players to learn to start, rally and score whilst building their technique.


Orange stage

Regular sized, 50% compression balls over 3/4 court size. Players continue to start, rally score with more emphasis on tactics and techniques to use in modified matchplay.

Green stage

Regular sized, 75% compression balls over the full court. Faster ball speed allows players to learn more advanced components of technique and rallying, such as more spin.

Yellow Ball Training

Yellow stage

hard Ball

Regular sized, full compression balls over the full court.

The Yellow Stage / Hard Ball moves into group, squad and private lessons.