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SOCial Tennis


no strings attached

Every Wednesday

Lockleys Tennis Club (30 Rutland Ave, Lockleys).


Time:          7.00pm for a 7.10pm start

Format:      Doubles, Timed 45 minute matches

Timeslots:   7.10pm, 8.00pm, 8.50pm

Cost:           $5.00 for Lockleys Tennis Club Members

  $10.00 for non-members 

  • It is doubles but I don't have a partner.

    • there are many in the same boat, come down and we can connect you with a partner. We can pair you with someone each time you play.

  • I can't commit each week.

    • No problems, this is tennis on your terms, play when you want​.

  • I'm just starting, will I fit in?

    • This is social tennis, if you are looking to hit some tennis balls and have some fun, you will fit in! 

  • I can't play all time slots.

    • Easy,​ pick which is best suited and we can slot you in.

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