Elite Lessons for beginners OF ALL SPORT

February 25th @ Lockleys Tennis Club
Players Session - 5.30 - 6.15
Parents Session - 6.15 - 7.00
All sessions $10.00

Head Start Sport's Sport Psychologist, Emma Scharkie, will share her insight and experience supporting athletes through the challenges of competition. Emma has worked with athletes - olympians, professional and developing. 

Often High-performance athletes are introduced to techniques and methods to help place situations into context. Head Start Sport believe that these lessons are brilliant for athletes of all levels to learn as soon as possible. 

This session will focus on controllables and is applicable to ALL SPORT

There are some things outside of a players control 

  • Weather

  • Surface conditions

  • Referee / Umpire decisions

Recognising this point and make a conscious decision to focus on what IS within their control is a learned skill.


Head Start Sport believe in developing technically & physically capable athletes. In addition to this Emma works with our team of coaches to foster emotionally mature athletes throughout our programs.

This session is part of our 'Elite lessons for beginners' program. Whether it is maintaining focus on field or in the classroom, there are skills that can be developed to create emotionally intelligent human beings. We are supporting the community to develop elite habits that cross from the sporting field to life in general.

A Head Start in Sport is a Head Start in Life.

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